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The pace is rather slow but through repetition and building on verb forms, you get helpful drilling practice in conjugating verbs while learning vocabulary groups.

Grammar and vocabulary practice for beginners Digital Dialects offers simple online games to help you recognise basic words and practice present tense verb conjugations.

You then play games to test yourself and try to beat your own score.

Set the timer for 5 minutes and see how well you can do.

As you read the accompanying text, think about how the words get smushed together when they’re spoken.

Try to identify what individual words sound like in spoken sentences. Free for students, cheap for everyone else The E-LOCAL online course offered by Coimbra University’s Centre for Social Studies has beginner level language and cultural information.

There’s no pronunciation support but you can get this from other sources.

Conjuguemos is probably my favourite discovery during the research I did for this post.

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Although they start from the basics, the native speakers who model the phrases talk at normal speed so you’ll want to replay and repeat several times before moving on.

The Alto Commissariado Para As Migrações (High Commission for Migrations) has recently launched a learn Portuguese platform.

Instructions and welcome video are available in Portuguese, English and Arabic and learning materials cover elementary (Level A) and intermediate (Level B) topics.

And, as mentioned above, Conjuguemos covers a wide range of verb tenses, taking you into intermediate level and beyond.

Some local councils offer a limited number of free Portuguese classes at various levels to help immigrants integrate better.

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