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This distinguishes between the way learners sense, think, solve problems, and remember information.

Kolb's Learning Styles inventory and Gregorc's Mind Styles Model are those most frequently mentioned in this category.

A number of learning style models can be found in the research on this subject.

These fall into general categories such as information processing, personality patterns, and social interaction (Conner, 2004).

To most effectively resolve a conflict, we should use the strategy that is most appropriate for that particular conflict situation.

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Predictably, his team was penalized and he was ejected.This article reminds the teachers of the need to be aware of individual learning styles and learner diversity.While the Multiple Intelligences Theory of Howard Gardner is the most popular and readily used by teachers (Currie, 2003), there are other ideas about learning styles, which also can be useful for EFL/ESL teachers.First, it is important to take into account the specific characteristics of the educational institution: age group of students (determines how flexible their learning styles can be), the nature of education provided by the school (general or specialized).Second, teachers also have their own approaches to the classroom and their own teaching styles.

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