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Safety profile and hemodynamic responses to beta adrenergic stimulation by dobutamine in heart transplant patients // Chest.

Severity of Intraoperative Tricuspid Regurgitation Predicts Poor Late Survival Following Cardiac Transplantation // Ann.

Donor left ventricular hypertrophy increases risk for early graft failure // Transplant.

transplantation: medium-term experience in cardiac performance and survival // J.

Early postoperative care of the cardiac transplantation patient: routine considerations and immunosuppressive therapy // Prog.

Analysis and predictors of pulmonary vascular resistance after cardiac transplantation // J.

Recipient selection in cardiac transplantation: contraindications and risk factors for mortality // J. Management of vasodilatory shock after cardiac surgery: Identification of predisposing factors and use of a novel pressor agent // J. Arginine vasopressin in the management of vasodilatory hypotension after cardiac transplantation // J. Pulmonary hypertension and exercise intolerance in patients with heart failure // J. Pre-transplant reversible pulmonary hypertension predicts higher risk for mortality after cardiac transplantation // J.

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