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West claims the death was accidental and his wife knew nothing of it.However grisly details gradually come to light and West owns to nine other murders, of girls who stayed at his house.Janet soon finds herself intimidated by the intensity of the situation, gutter press approaches to which her bi-polar husband succumbs and the foul-mouthed threats of Rosemary West.But just as disturbing is the rapport which Fred believes he has with her, terming her his only friend and confessing to her things he will not tell the police.Emily Watson plays Janet Leech, a mother and wife to a bipolar man. Dominic West did a superb job in bringing one of the most despicable murders to life.Monica Dolan also did a superb job playing Rose West, a candidate for the worst mother ever.

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It was Heather's disappearance that launched an investigation.

The Wests are not sympathetic people at all but Dominic West and Monica Dolan did deserve their awards.

The series of events is taken by the appropriate adult, Janet Leech, who is assigned to Fred West.

Separately Rose and Fred were toxic as poison but together committed crimes against humanity against innocent young women including two of their daughters.

The cast does a brilliant job in bringing the characters to life.

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