Anniversary dating gifts for men

If you digitalize all those old photos and mementos you will have the added benefit of freeing up space in that closet or basement where the boxes were stored.If you are determined to purchase a ruby category gift for your partner’s fortieth anniversary gift the obvious choice is a piece of ruby jewelry.

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Originally introduced in the 18 Century this ruby china has graced the tables of Presidents.

Nasturtiums are easy to grow, beautiful to look at and good to eat. They give a peppery punch similar to watercress in salads and pasta dishes, and the flowers add a hit of color as well as flavor.

The herbal gardeners’ site has nasturtium recipes at

So you are going to have to be very creative with the ruby category or go outside the gift category suggestions to make the fortieth anniversary a memorable one for your partner.

By the time you reach forty years together there are a lot of good times to remember so you could always create a time capsule or scrapbook to memorialize those good times.

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