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But the apps that are emerging to take advantage of it are slowly coming, and those could get really interesting. You could press down harder on virtual piano keys (Smule's Magic Piano app added this function already).Racing games can get analog gas pedals (AG Racer added this, and it's one of the best demonstrations of 3D Touch).Some apps do a lot with these new ideas, especially Mail.

That doesn't mean it's not a better phone, of course it is.A good handful of apps have emerged to take advantage of 3D Touch, but it's going to take a while before it feels widespread. Remotes -- controlling a drone with 3D Touch toggles to gently control directions, for instance.Maybe that's why 3D Touch doesn't feel essential yet in i OS. You could press down to change brush strokes when painting (the new Notes app already allows this).I think it will, down the road, when more apps are here. I spent a week with the i Phone 6S and 6S Plus (in rose gold and gold, respectively), taking them everywhere I went, from farmer's markets in New Jersey to tailgating at a New York Jets game, to commuting on New Jersey Transit through the Meadowlands and to my kid's meet-the-teacher night.I showed them to my friends, my family, anyone I met and got their opinions, too.

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