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He said: “We’ re talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know – I have no time for Tinder!

Niall's secretive, always has been, but no one could've ever guessed that he would hide something this big. But then you came and found me and held me and never let me go.

His fling with Ellie Goulding was referred to in Ed Sheeran’s song Don’t and Demi Lovato said she stopped seeing the 1D star because of the hate his fans were throwing at her on Twitter.

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While Lily has previously dated actors Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Jamie Campbell Bower.Fans believe Lily Collins is making a move on One Direction’s Niall Horan, after the star admitted he has a crush on the actress.Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star – who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins – would be his “dream celebrity date” during a recent interview with an Irish radio station.‘Niall got there first with his bodyguard, then the next thing I know, I looked over and Selena was there.They were very close together, talking and whispering.’ This news comes just a few months after Niall was linked to Selena’s best pal Raquelle Stevens, who posted a photo with the Irish singer and her BFF on Saturday.

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