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You may find yourself rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, yet you’ll stay tuned in just to see what the show’s creators will think of next—and to be comforted by the fact that the show is absolutely reveling in its own vapidity.

Now that Murphy rules the small screen, it's time to binge-watch the show that established him as one of the most unique voices on television—and invited viewers to look below the surface at what makes us all human. (Spoiler: It’s usually not pretty.)Number of Seasons: 6 (100 episodes)Time Requirements: Seven weeks.

Where to Get Your Fix: Amazon, i Tunes Best Character to Follow: While the less hedonistic viewer may more immediately associate with Sean Mc Namara, Christian Troy is undoubtedly the most fun character to watch—even if that means the occasional run-in with a well-organized ring of organ thieves.

(Yes, the show really did go there in Season 4.) Even if you’ve never been to a swingers’ party, bedded a mom and her daughter at the same time, or been engaged to a porn star, Christian’s constant struggle to be a better person, despite his tendency to always make the worst possible decisions, is oddly relatable.

By the end of the first season, his girlfriend (Kate Mara) admits that she’s in love with her best friend (Sophia Bush), and he and a friend end up running over and nearly killing a classmate, Cara Fitzgerald (Keri Lynn Pratt).

Though he's too afraid to admit his culpability, Matt manages to convince his dad to operate on the now-disfigured girl, whose overly religious mother refuses medication to help her out of her coma and on with life. At least he got a threesome out of that girlfriend debacle.

Meanwhile, Sean is a dutiful family man: husband to his college sweetheart, Julia (Joely Richardson), and father to his children Matt (John Hensley) and Annie (Kelsey Batelaan).

Though it quickly becomes apparent that no one’s life is as perfect as it seems.

The series begins its run in Miami, where college buddies-turned-medical partners Sean Mc Namara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian Mc Mahon) run one of the city’s most elite plastic surgery practices.

Yet the same season features great episodes with Peter Dinklage as Marlowe Sawyer, manny to the Mc Namara’s newborn son, Conor.

That said, there are some clunker episodes throughout the series, including: Season 3: Episode 6, "Frankenlaura" Mc Namara/Troy is hurting for business in the wake of Christian being arrested as a possible serial killer.

If you’re not turned off or grossed out in the first 10 minutes, keep watching.

Season 1: Episode 8, "Cara Fitzgerald" Part of what helps stand up, even to this day, is the strength of its ensemble cast who, when not dealing with the fallout from the behaviors of Sean and/or Christian, have their own demons with which to contend—and Matt Mc Namara gets the brunt of it all.

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