Are paula and simon dating

Louise Payne Cowell years - This might not have been the best dress to turn up in for your dinner date, Louise Image: He apparently approached her after spotting her at a swanky London shindig and was completely smitten for yonks.

Reportedly it all ended when she told him she wanted kids and he wasn't ready.

Not really, they're on a red carpet and are just mates now.

Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email He's admitted that his inability to remain faithful is what's holding him back from starting a family.

Cut at being early, Simon and paula dating 2009 installed down on Megan Joy's lap, started her dsting related with her honourable.

When Ryan Seacrest installed that Michael Sarver was superlative, the stunned oil bill liberated to walk off the technical without hugging Alexis, who when reached out to him as he was superlative away.

We weren't proper boyfriend or girlfriend, but we'd see each other regularly.

They've remained friends though and she too has been seen gallivanting about with him on some of his numerous holidays. But there's no denying Simon Cowell has had enough opportunity to settle down.

She said in an interview in , "We do still speak every day. From the early years with Paula Hamilton to the more amazing romance with Sinitta - he's certainly tried falling in love.

Sinitta Cowell year Sinitta - still Simon's right hand gal Image: Getty Probably Simon's most famous ex, Sinitta dumped him when she embarked on an affair with David Essex.

They're still mates though standard and she's even wrangled herself some regular guest-mentoring gigs on X Factor.

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