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In 2015, it experienced one of the largest data breaches in history, which saw the personal information of 32 million clients released, leading to many reported cases of divorces, resignations, firings and suicides.

Ashley Madison president and Chief Technology Officer Ruben Buell sits down for an exclusive interview after an external audit by Ernst and Young LLP found the controversial dating site for married people has experienced exponential growth since a security breach in 2015.

If it’s so common then it might not be such a bad thing.’ ” Read more: Ruben Buell, president and chief technology officer for Ashley Madison parent company Ruby Life, says the Toronto-based dating site for married people is on the rebound after a 2015 data breach in 2015 that exposed identities of millions of its members.

Ashley Madison dating website drops tagline ‘Life is Short, Have an Affair!

The breach exposed e-mail addresses and account details from 32 million of the site’s members.

In Canada they say 17,371 Canadians join the site monthly in 2017.

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What was the Ashley Madison's Customer Service like?More than 40 per cent of marriages are expected to end in divorce before the 30th anniversary, Statistics Canada reported in 2008, the last year the agency collected numbers on divorce.The limited research on infidelity suggests that, in North America, 15 per cent of women and 25 per cent of men will have extramarital affairs.What follows is one woman's experiences, where she was a member for a little over a year.I've only edited it for clarity, added some headings, and grammar. I have had two longer term affairs and I met both guys on AM. Think how much fewer women would be on there if we had to pay. if you send us a message then the message we send back will be collect.

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