Auto radio updating

Large subwoofers won't fit in the locations allocated for stock speakers, so you'll have to add an enclosure for the sub to get good bass.

A great solution is an aftermarket subwoofer and enclosure designed to fit a specific vehicle without taking up much space.

Hi All, I tried to update the software on my RHB 430N radio this morning to but now the radio is stuck on the Jeep Logo Screen.

This is what I did: ------------------- Downloaded the files posted by another JK owner from his Chrysler 430N Update disc (Part# 68141133AA) from:

Also keep in mind that some premium OEM systems use proprietary wiring that makes it difficult to swap out stock amplifiers and speakers for aftermarket components.

With the head unit and amplification handled, you can turn your attention to speaker upgrades.

It was pretty much a given that you'd replace the factory stereo system with superior aftermarket components if you wanted the latest features and best sound possible, as well as the most value for the dollar.This series has so far discussed the basics of a factory-installed car audio system as well as details about the head unit, amplifier and speakers.To wrap things up, we'll discuss what to look for in an audio system when shopping for a new car and we'll also tell you how to upgrade a factory system with aftermarket components if you're interested in improving its performance.A reputable aftermarket car audio shop will help you match an add-on amplifier to your factory speakers.Just don't expect to add a 1,000-watt aftermarket amplifier to factory speakers designed for 300 watts.

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