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If we have some doubts, we arrange a Skype meeting and ask her to show us her documents.

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The underlying till is attributed to a Middle Weichselian glaciation and tentative suggestions are presented for the age of other deposits that underlie the dated sediment.

A cliff outcrop called Kluckow, in the Baltic Sea area, with a (glacio-) fluvial to (glacio-) lacustrine succession, provides a unique opportunity to resolve uncertainties in the timing and extent of several poorly constrained Weichselian ice advances.

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Based on a detailed lithofacies analysis, we selected four sampling horizons for luminescence dating to determine a depositional chronology.

We measured both coarse-grain quartz and potassium-rich feldspar for age determination using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and post-IR infrared stimulated luminescence (p IRIR).

She confirms her desire to be on the site, agrees to our policies (no money requests) and that she will be personally communicating with men (in other words, that there is no agency involved, which may ask money for translations or communication).

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