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The best hotels in Charleston, SC, can be very expensive, though, especially the top-tier luxury hotels in downtown Charleston.

You’ve been warned, though, as they or one of the Charleston bed and breakfasts make a great place to celebrate a special occasion on your trip.

It is so big and it stands on the roof top of the temple !

Sembawang God of Wealth was invited all the way from China in 1998 and the temple started its construction in 2004.

Admission: Free, Open to Public Sembawang God of Wealth Temple claimed that it has the World’s Largest God Of Wealth!!!

It’s God of Wealth statue stands at 9.44 metres and weighs 8.290 tonnes.

It does provide an inexpensive lodging option at the top of the commercial part of Upper King Street.And the Best Fun comes from a switch located outside of its building. Some birds-calling sounds will be broadcasted through speakers.Within seconds, you will see swiftlets circling in groups.Hotels are usually what people are looking for when they come to a new city.It’s easier, and someone else cleans up for you while you’re there.

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