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Or she could know and she doesn't care if he has another girl pregnant and doesn't take responsibility for it.

To this I wonder how would any woman be okay with that?

I've previously posted that we weren't in a good relationship.

We ended up breaking up and he denies the baby is his and won't answer my phone calls or texts about his son. My question is what do you think of these women who date men who deny their own children?

He would need to resolve that situation before starting anything with me.

If they were together and he bounced when she got prego, he could never darken my doorstep period.

Also I knew a guy who wanted nothing to do with his first son because it was a one night stand and he ended up hating the mother after he got to know her (she lied and stole).

But then he went on to have two more children with another woman soon after and he absolutely adores those kids.

Yeah very selfish and cold hearted on his part, but some men are weird like that.

I continued to alert him of doctors appointments or ultrasound pictures but the second he started talking to a new girl all of a sudden I'm the crazy ex that claims my baby is his. I also don't know if I'll be able to date a man that does not have kids, I won't believe he does not have kids. I don't want to pay child support or be a decent father because I'm a selfish person." They instead tell them that their ex was crazy, trapped them, mean etc. She has most likely ben fed lies, or at least huge exaggerations and misrepresentations of the facts. Says he never knew he had a child until a year later and we went to court.

I just stopped contact all together at that point because I don't need to prove to her that I'm pregnant with his child, if she wants to believe the lies he's telling her than she'll be in for a rude awakening when he receives those paternity and child support papers in the mail... I had a bf when I was 19 that told me he may be the father of a child of his ex and I told him if it's your child you need to be a father but I have no interest in having any kids. I'll have to ask, "did any woman ever tell you, you are or maybe a father? We never went to court, and it took 9 months because he avoided me so he wouldnt have to do a dna test to pay child support.

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