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Ganglion cyst removal, or ganglionectomy, is the removal of a fluid-filled sac on the skin of the wrist, finger, or sole of the foot.

The cyst is attached to a tendon or a joint through its fibers and contains synovial fluid, which is the clear liquid that lubricates the joints and tendons of the body.

Occult cysts may be diagnosed because the patient feels pain in that part of the hand or has noticed that the tendon cannot move normally. Patients are given a local or regional anesthetic in a doctor's office. Most physicians use the more conservative procedure, which is known as aspiration.

Some ganglion cysts are so large that the doctor recommends excision.

Excision is a much more reliable procedure, however, and the stiffness that the patient may experience after the procedure eventually goes away. Alternatives to aspiration and excision in the treatment of ganglion cysts include watchful waiting and resting the affected hand or foot. However he didn't give me a splint or tell me to stop doing anything I normally do.

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Excision may result in some stiffness after the surgery and some difficulties in flexing the hand because of scar tissue formation.Surgical excision is the most reliable treatment for ganglion cysts, but aspiration is the more common form of therapy.Ganglion cysts account for 50%–70% of all soft tissue tumors of the hand and wrist.They are distinguished from other growths by their location near tendons or joints and by their fluid consistency.Ganglion cysts are sometimes confused with a carpal boss (a bony, non-mobile spur on the top of the wrist), but can usually be distinguished by the fact that they can be moved and are usually less painful for the patient.

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