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Amongst the average gym-goers, you notice another kind of person in the area.

He's bigger in comparison to most people of the male gender that you know of.

You might think it’s roid rage, but really it’s just us being hungry for some good old carbohydrates.

During the no-carb part of the day, it is wise to not whine or ask us any idiotic questions. It’s true that most of us started lifting because we wanted to heap in the chicks (Whether we’ll admit it or not).

Take that away and you’re Christian Bale from The Mechanic.

And then she goes ahead and leaves you because you’re not the beast you used to be.

If we don’t stay up till midnight for an intense game of Co D, then there’s no way we’ll do it snuggling up next to you, ladies.So we’ve managed to open up an hour of our time (between meals and training) to spend with you and you wanted to go out for lunch. It’s human nature to socialise with people who are like-minded.Therefore we spend time with our bros in the gym, who only have one thing on their minds: to make as many gains as possible.We’ve gone ahead and listed some of the more challenging aspects that come along with dating a bodybuilder.If girls think that they can just call or text us and expect us to show up without a day’s notice, then they’re in for a bucket of disappointment. We’ve got our meals planned (and actually look forward to it), and if it’s not our meals then it’s the gym.

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