Body language mirroring dating

The final category includes cues that indicate approach is permitted and encouraged.

These are the cues that draw men in and give them permission to court.

Courtship is a measure of a man’s strength and weaknesses – its very nature is to weed the good from the bad, the valued from the value-less.

The Rule Of Four The rule of four states that in order to be sure that a woman is unequivocally displaying non-verbal sexual interest, four separate positive signals must be present simultaneously, and they must be directed at a specific person.

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When it finally comes time to speak, it is essential to once again ramp up our mindfulness of what is going on non-verbally since things might change dramatically.

I doubt that anyone would show attraction to anyone else if their full set of flaws were showing all at once and initially upon meeting.

Therefore, no signals of seduction by a woman will ever be foolproof and accurate as a representation of her complete impression of someone, since the impression itself is incomplete.

This is a HUGE topic that can’t be learned in just one article.

Most female sexual signals have some component that is rooted in appearing submissive.

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