Bonnie and clyde dating

Plus there's the very human element of Grace Davies trying satisfy a lifelong desire to discover her roots.

Even one of the most discerning and careful investigators I know-- thinks Grace looks very much like W.

As one B&C Historian expressed to me within a recent talk we had concerning this-- that's "too much of a stretch". was sentenced to 15 years in prison as an accomplice to the January 6th, 1933 murder of Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis. D.'s sentence, as a result of his conviction in the B&C harboring trial in 1935. There's "a lot" happening within this assertion of a possible Bonnie & W. kinship with Grace Davies-- which may or may not have grounds in reality.

One thing I know as I've specifically asked-- Playboy hasn't denied the existence of additional notes from the W. Based on their response, I've made a newly enhanced request-- in trying to shake the bushes over at Playboy. D.'s Playboy interview, as it relates to this story. Such is the case with a number of aspects of this story.This timing just happens to coincide precisely, with the period in which a woman born in March 1932 would have been conceived. It seems logical that for this story to be true, the Parker family would have needed (for some reason)-- to cover it up, and do so most effectively for close to 80 years now. At this point although I'm not willing to dismiss this claim, I'm not convinced there's enough evidence to substantiate Grace's assertion.Any time significantly earlier or later-- and this story wouldn't work. However it's also been noted, that eventually their relationship cooled-- to the point where it's said Bonnie "was" dating other young men during this very time. From speaking with a number of folks old enough to remember the 1930's, I understand that events such as we're discussing here (a birth out of wedlock-- or involving a minor-- or a child born to a woman already married)-- were considered scandalous circumstances, and would be considered an embarrassment to the families involved. However-- there "are" intriguing aspects of this story, which remain unexplained.My suggestion is, after many decades of uncertainty-- prove or disprove this story. To me, all involved-- Grace, The Parkers and Jones (should relatives of W. be located)-- would all benefit in knowing the truth. What impact might this perceived closeness of Bonnie to W. A weight lifted from many shoulders, for the sake of a simple swab in the mouth or testing a piece of fabric. My thanks for your patience, during the research and construction of a most involved post.published here on The B&CHB. BTW-- I find it interesting that in the other photo of Bonnie and W.

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