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How have other couples learned to manage the relationship strains caused by this illness?

What can you do to provide your partner with truly helpful nurturance and support?

What habits can we adopt in order to learn more effectively throughout our lives? Fieve gained national recognition for his pioneering treatment of what was then known as "manic-depression".

The answers to these questions are merely the tip of the iceberg in The Learning Brain. Since then, he has focused on patients with mild bipolarity, also known as Bipolar II.

Are you feeling frustrated, sad, lonely, angry, depressed, and hurt because of the situation you've found yourself in with this person you so desperately love?

People with borderline or narcissistic personality disorders have a serious mental illness that primarily affects their intimate, personal, and family relationships.

Often they appear to be normally functioning at work and in public interactions, and narcissists may even be highly effective, in the short term, in some work or social situations.

Are you exhausted from focusing all of your attention on what the sick person is doing all of the time?

"I was frustrated," says Erin Callinan about the genesis of her critically-acclaimed memoir Beautifully Bipolar. I just started writing: no judgments, limits, or rules." Her purpose: To challenge people to address and remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

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