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And please, please, please DON'T "count on" JUST a fragrance to make "magic" happen for you, if you "expect" to get "something" from your date, especially from the one whom you actually LIKE AND CARE to know more about!

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I have a 2016 batch and the performance is abysmal. Not only that the smell was much weaker, it was different too.

Hiyori is the daughter of a wealthy family and is a passionate fan of pro-wrestling. She was released by Bishamonten, who then proceeded to give her her name, becoming her new owner.

He's technically a stray, though only through the circumstance of outliving his original master without having that name released, and so has great devotion toward Ebisu for being willing to take him in A mysterious shinki girl wearing burial clothes that has some sort of history with Yato.

I will be using it for as my main office scent as it's just perfect for that.

I mean, at work that's what you want..something that will be noticeable but not by much, something that's polite and something that smells good and sweet.

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