Brody and jade still dating

(Unknown-Present: Acquaintance) Jade and Nona share a brief, awkward dialogue in #The Killer Tuna Jump, but Nona's knowledge of Jade's boyfriend (who has not appeared on the show) implies that the two have met before.In Victorious, Jade apparently knew of Nona, and she suggested that Cat should live with her.She has pale skin, blue eyes, dark brown hair streaked with blue and purple, and piercings on her eyebrow and a small stud on her nose and on her chin.She has a Gothic sense of style, and can be found wearing plaids, black stockings, high laced boots, and clothing in dark shades.She also records Freddie and Robbie falling into the pool of killer tuna.

She is the one who suggests that Cat should live with Nona.

(2008-Present: Close Friend, Classmate, Project Partner) In #The Killer Tuna Jump, Jade and Cat work on a school project together and make arrangements at each other's houses.

She knew that Cat took "special vitamins" even though she didn't live with her.

For example, she will stare someone down instead of blatantly attacking them, and "[she doesn't] get mad, [she gets] even" (i.e.

smearing fake blood on someone's door in the middle of the night; telling Sam about Cat's crush on Robbie).

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