Bsd usr ports updating permission denied updating my tomtom

On top of that, I beleive Free BSD has a better kernel, better TCP/IP stack, etc.

Steven Hmm, this thread reminds me that I couldn't get freebsd to install on my newer box, which is why I ended up trying gentoo in the first place.

for ports, i can check what's available, but how well does the base system handle this (utf8 filenames, ...)Here goes, I've used Free BSD for a few years, and Gentoo about a year. * It doesn't take months for new versions to be stable, they are tested and updated, no silly ~x86 masks. Gnome 2.10 is in the Free BSD ports tree and is fully stable, it will be 95 here in Chicago before it is on Gentoo.

None properly handles the process return-code / exit-code.

(Remember that by default the expressions are AND'd together unless you use -or.) You need the -ls in the second expression or else find may add a default action to show either match, which will also show you all the unreadable files.

But if you're looking for real files on your system, there is usually no reason to look in /dev, which has many many files, so you should add an expression that excludes that directory, like: None of the above answers worked for me.

Not like "portage is a strong point" but more like "feature XXX in portage rocks, but then YYY is better under bsd's ports because it has ZZZ" I am mainly intersted in the differences between portage / ports, init scprits, system configuration, kernel features (not stability, this has been widely covered).

Multiple languages support including asia languages chinese and japanese is also a requierement for me. Ports: * Things are tested before making it into the ports tree, sure things fail, but nearly as often as ebuilds.

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