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In 2010, CBS reported that Camilla had told friends she'd spent the night at Clarence House, where Harry served her breakfast in bed.

(Prince Harry never confirmed this.) Model Cassie Sumner claimed to have had a one-night flirtation with Harry in 2004, when he was 19.

She told her story, also never confirmed by Harry, in a very detailed newspaper interview.

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Continue on to give them a more meaningful smooch, followed by a full-on make-out session.

You might even be able to rummage through your various purses, jacket pockets, and car cupholders to find enough flavors. You can start by telling your sweetie to close their eyes, then YOU get those lips ready and slather on that flavored lip balm for kissing!

Our lip balm holder has room for five flavors but you don’t necessarily have to fill every slot. Simply cut out the rectangle and then accordion-fold along the dotted lines. Hint: Don’t forget to stash your lip balm holder where your spouse can’t see it when they open their eyes to make a guess.

So we started planning our own, Diva version with an added twist that will make the yummy guessing last even longer, so PUCKER UP and we’ll give you all the details… All you need is a few flavors of lip balm (well, okay, grab a pen too).

Courtney from Paperelli helped us out by creating a simple sexy kissing game scoresheet to keep track of your guesses and a clever holder for the lip balms so they’re not rolling all over the place. I am obsessed with these delicious Flavored Lip Balms but I also think these Soda-Inspired Lip Balms would be so much fun.

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