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If an alternating voltage is applied to a capacitor, a current will flow.The Impedance (or resistance in an AC circuit) is not the same as resistance because as the frequency in an AC voltage changes, so the impedance changes also.One pot controls the Left channel and the other controls the Right channel, with two stereo jacks, one an input and the other an output.A twin gang pot with two different resistance values is used as the tone controller in the Model 610 Combination Volume and Tone Control pedal.The capacitor is connected between the Volume controller’s top terminal (Hot input conductor and the middle (wiper) terminal on the tone pot (LHS).The tone pot’s top terminal is soldered to the pot’s case, earthing it.Otherwise, screw pressure will bend and ultimately break off the end of the shaft.The drawing above shows a CTS manufacture pot (from a current catalog) as viewed from above.

If a knob with a grubscrew is fitted on a pot’s split shaft, the grubscrew must be positioned so that the screw presses on the split in the shaft.Potentiometers, more commonly referred to as pots, are variable resistors with three terminals – a circular or linear resistive carbon track with a terminal at each end and a third terminal connected to a ‘wiping’ contact which travels along the resistive track.The three terminals are positioned so that the centre terminal is connected to the wiping contact.A Les Paul guitar requires a longer shaft than a Stratocaster, hence the length options.Wiper rotation is 300 degrees, common to most pots of this type.

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