Chat with naughty aunty

Smiling into their kiss, Aunty silently shouts a cry of triumph when her nieces’ hands slide down briefly over her softly smooth satin skirted bottom, feeling the satin layers sliding before quickly rising again to her silky satin blouse and slip. My satin knickers are so wet and slippery under my dress and they feel so so silky when your hand ru-rubs them up and down like tha-.

So we shan't tell Mummy anything about our lovely dressing up session together, shall we? That's my good girl.' Aunty enfolds her blushing girl in an enveloping embrace gently slipping a satin covered stockinged leg between hers as she feels her girls fingers lightly rubbing her blouses satin into the thin satin of her slip underneath and feels fingers grip her suddenly as Aunties lips finds hers and Aunty rubs her satined leg between her girls. I was sure something w-was going to happen to me then. Just the tiniest hint that she could be naughty if she wanted. Aunty could almost hear her thoughts weighing up what she might do "After all, no one can see" and "Aunty wouldn't tell Mummy, would she? 'It does feel a little naughty, my darling, doesn't it? Her girl steadies herself by holding Aunties shoulders as she steps one foot then the other into their slithery tunnels. Then Aunty draws them deliberately up, careful to make sure the satin slides against her girls glossy nyloned sheathed legs as she pulls. This is so naughty, hmm, so slipper- wet, Aunty, my ne-new knickers are so w-wet, Aunty, so wet!

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