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Earlier this year, the surviving members of the Beach Boys recorded their first album of new material since 1992, That's Why God Made the Radio.It is unclear as to whether Wilson, Love and Jardine will be invited to feature on any future studio recordings.A minor musician and songwriter, Wilson's father encouraged his children in the music field in numerous ways.At an early age, Wilson was given six weeks of lessons on a "toy accordion" and, at seven and eight, sang solos in church with a choir behind him.The trio will now be replaced by the group's long-serving backing band, which includes Love's son Christian.

Jardine would join the three Wilson brothers and Mike Love a few years later in the Beach Boys.

"The post-50th anniversary configuration will not include Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks.

The 50th Reunion Tour was designed to be a set tour with a beginning and an end to mark a special 50-year milestone for the band." Wilson, Jardine and Marks had been recalled by Love earlier this year to play together for the first time since 1998 to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary with a world tour.

In addition to his lifelong struggles with mental illness, Wilson is known for his unorthodox approaches to pop composition and mastery of recording techniques, and he is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and significant songwriters of the late 20th century.

The Beach Boys were formed by Wilson along with his brothers Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and neighborhood friend Al Jardine.

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