Chiles dating and marriage

She may have to work some too (especially if needed to pay the best private school tuition possible for the kids), but her career is secondary to her husband’s.

She does not mind being spoiled and might even demand it. She knows her role is primarily as a sex slave, baby maker and child raiser and does not mind that fact.

Texas marriage records are under the jurisdiction of the county clerk where the marriage license was issued, while Texas divorce records are under the jurisdiction of the clerk of the appropriate district court; these offices must be contacted for copies.

Marriage records prior to 1836 are found only in church record books, but there are books with marriage information for 1824-1850.

Business meetings, even mixed gender ones, frequently digress to subjects regarding women, many of which American feminists would find distasteful, degrading, demeaning and brazen. Or, as one Oregon woman reminded me in 1990, women are useful “for sex and babies.” They are also good to take along on vacation and trips if they do not nag too much or complain excessively.

Men seem to like it since it reminds them of their main sexual objective and women seem to like it because it makes them feel wanted and gives them clues about what men are looking for (so that the women can know better just how to go about getting what they want). The problem in Chile is that men want to get married to women (or at least live with women) who are attractive and will “turn them on” and fulfill them sexually. The idea of having a woman as a companion “to talk to” about important subjects in life is a distant third for most men. In the larger scheme of things (although there are certainly exceptions), the woman is to conform herself to the man’s life and circumstances.

This fact is especially true among more religious people.

Chilean women want a man who will work for her and her children so that she can be with her kids the maximum amount of time possible.

This fact is especially true for highly religious groups like Opus Dei, Legionarios de Cristo, and certain staunch Evangelicals.

She even dreads having to get a career when she would really much rather be a stay-at-home mom if she could.

They only have the report of divorce form and an index that directs you to the county district court of record.

A copy of the actual record must be obtained at the county level.

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