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It is the first withdrawal from the bank, which was built in 2008.

Those researchers would normally request the seeds from a bank in Aleppo.

The fragment of jaw bone provides evidence of an east-west divide in the evolution of dinosaurs on the North American continent.

During the Late Cretaceous period, 66 to 100 million years ago, the land mass was split into two continents by a shallow sea.

Previously, life on Earth was understood to have begun when the inner solar system was hit by a massive bombardment from space, which also formed the moon's craters Nasa has announced that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars.

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Researchers in the Middle East have asked for seeds including those of wheat, barley and grasses, all of which are chosen because especially resistant to dry conditions.The discovery, made using graphite that was trapped in ancient crystals, could mean that life began "almost instantaneously" after the Earth was formed.The researchers behind it have described the discovery as “a potentially transformational scientific advance”.“This style of preservation is distinct from other types of trace fossils, for example, tunnels or burrows, or body fossils.“The footprints are organised in two parallel rows, as expected if they were made by animals with paired appendages.

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