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Several years ago, Greaney inherited the Tom Clancy world, and he has treated and nurtured it lovingly.

(Tom Clancy; 2016) is the latest book in Greaney’s long list of accomplishments.

There is, of course, a definite subjectivity to a “best books” list, and yet we also find that certain books, because of any number of qualities and merits, tend to arrive on such lists.“If you don’t know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do.” James’ observations about what to read with so little time left is fascinating. This Pulitzer Prize-winning story follows a six-year-old Parisian girl who is losing her sight.Her father, a master lock-maker, works for the French Museum of Natural History.I hope that reading this list of good reads begins with expectation and closes with both delight and profit—not just for the moment, but for all of eternity, that is, for The Eternal End. Olson Editor, CWR and Ignatius Insight Mary Jo Anderson is a bibliophile’s book.The Australian poet and literary critic (and atheist) retired to his Cambridge home with a Leukemia diagnosis and his library.

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