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The name “The Nice Guys” sounds so innocent—do not see-would be my advice!

Please do not spend any money to go see this offensive movie!

The moment the film ended, I was angry that I hadn’t. Young actress (14) from Australia is shown in what I considered “porn” scenes.

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This was in a very upscale community with well educated residents. Question: What if this was YOUR daughter or granddaughter who was exposed to nudity, extreme violence and adult interactions. We have become desensitized and approving of “anything” goes. …a cheerfully aimless plunge into the scuzzy noir soul of 1970s Los Angeles…

I was not only shocked at these scenes, but noticed most of the attending audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

I attended with my husband who will watch all sorts of films without sensitivity to inappropriate content.

There are also 83 f-words, s-words (25), d**ns (4), h*ll (2), d**k (7), f*g (1), blow (1), “son of a b***h” (2), and an irreverent use of “hallelujah.” The film gets pretty violent, at times. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are great together as actors, and the young female actress Angourie Rice gives a stunning performance.

Sid's Bartender Pedro Nicanor Hoyos (Pedro Hoyos) … There are 8 misuse’s of God’s name and one “swear to God,” and 11 of Jesus, two of which are paired with Christ. All the protagonists learn to work together as a team, despite personal conflicts, and there is even a capitalistic message.

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