Christian dating sites for black people

If you are looking for mature black Christian singles then you should attend the over 50’s social afternoon.The event takes place at the gorgeous Thistle Arch hotel at 4pm every Friday.All areas are covered so you are bound to find other black Christians in your area or near you to meet mix and match with.You may just be looking for an international pen pal or purely friendship (something we encourage as much as purely dating)...If the night scene isn’t for you or London is too far then Warrington have their very own Christian women’s social group.Everyone is welcome, whether you are single, in or looking for a relationship or a partner.You are not expected to register for any kind of membership; you can simply just arrive and pay on the day. Over the last year they have organized several spa mornings, tea parties and baking classes.

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We hope our service helps you find new friends Christian and if it's God's will - a partner in his timing.

if so, 101 black personals is the perfect website for finding single friends with similar interests.

Use our chat rooms (we have loads of people in here - and it get especially busy at night!! See detailed descriptions, likes, dislikes, job descriptions and preffered area of calling and mission - plus photos of other members.

On Monday June 8th there is a black singles event being held at the Anise bar, located in the bustling streets of London. Anise bar offers a huge range of cocktails and local homemade beverages in a truly unique setting.

Ensure that you book your ticket in advance, as spaces are limited to 30 people. To find out more information or to book your ticket visit eventbrite.

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