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“However, the rewrite has meant that most of the cast has lost their jobs.

It was an awful situation.” The complete rewrite has delayed the project for months, meaning it’s now unlikely to air until next year – almost two years after the first series which averaged 6.5m viewers.

Now, he is the father of 2 children and he is providing all of his responsibilities and effort for the growth and building of the children.

Current he has no any spouse looking across his bio he has more described information about his career.

CHRISTOPHER Eccleston has pulled out from hit drama Safe House delaying the second series and costing his co-stars their jobs.

The ITV thriller first aired in April 2015 and was a huge hit for the channel and leading man Christopher, 52, who played former copper Robert who was charged with protecting a vulnerable family from a serial killer in his Lake District guest house.

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However, former Doctor Who Eccleston was axed had to pull out after just weeks of filming and ITV bosses have ordered a complete rewrite of the show and are currently searching for a completely new cast.

It was a nightmare because the whole series had to be rewritten and new locations had to be found in Wales.

“At one stage it looked like it might get canned completely but the show was a huge hit the first time round and no one wanted to do that.

Christopher Eccleston was born in 16 February 1964.

Christopher is currently 51 years old in his age and he was born in Salford, Lancashire England.

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