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It has been praised as "life-changing", a modern classic, and used in classes and discussion groups around the world.

The best thing to do is to expose this man for being a fool.

Prominent political and cultural figures in parts of the Arab world routinely accuse Jews of killing children for Passover, and a couple of popular made-for-TV dramas in recent years have featured blood libels.

The wildly popular Syrian-made series Al-Shatat even features a graphic depiction ritual murder by supposedly venal Jews wishing to make Passover matzah.

I did not intend to be anti-Semitic…” This wasn’t the first time White blamed Jews for natural events.

He tried to link the Rothschild family to a Washington DC office charged with responding to emergencies such as severe storms at a meeting with the District’s mayor last month.

It’s ironic that Councilman White’s idiotic, offensive and utterly false comments about Jews occurred in the run-up to Passover, a common time throughout history to smear Jews with the infamous blood libel.In 2009, the Swedish magazine Aftonbladet echoed classic blood libel smears when it falsely claimed that Israel harvested organs from dead Palestinians.The following year when an earthquake devastated Haiti, a member of Britain’s House of Lords baselessly demanded an inquiry to see whether Israeli rescue workers were using the disaster as cover to harvest organs in Haiti.Be careful.” He then posted his rambling speech on Facebook.As astonished critics called on White to apologize, he initially defended his outrageous statements before posting an apology on social media a few hours later.

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