Confidence in dating for women

Within a month of discovering how to be confident around women, I had at least 2 different women coming over to my house each week for sex.

Then, shortly after that I discovered the secret to getting many women to fall in love with me at the same time.

You may feel confident when you’re at work or with your studies, but when you are around attractive women that confidence seems to dissapear and be replaced by self-doubt and a fear of rejection. You can’t ignore the problem and hope that it goes away. Personally speaking, I used to have very little confidence with women.

Day by day, year by year, my life was wasting away as I missed out on the love, sex and relationships that other guys were enjoying with women.

Women are naturally attracted to the strength in men (e.g. Lacking confidence with women is one of the worst things to live through as a man.

nervousness, insecurity, shyness), so the more confident you become, the more attractive you will be to women.

Every time I approached another woman to start a conversation – I felt a noticeable improvement in my confidence.

I wanted to approach women and meet them, but I thought, “Why do I always get nervous around the women I really like? Why do other guys seem so confident around women, when I feel awkward? Is there actually a solution that works in the area of confidence with women? My lack confidence with women also meant that I hardly had any girlfriends and would MAYBE get one phone number per year if I got lucky.

You may know that you are a good guy and that deserve to have quality women, but when you are around attractive women, you stop yourself from feeling nervous, anxious, unworthy or even intimidated by them.

You might try to ignore it and tell yourself to just feel confident in the moment, but somehow your nervousness and insecurity always wins and you end up looking tense, anxious and unattractive to women.

That’s why we made it our mission to find self-confidence shortcuts. Try it: Experts recommend opening up your chest and keeping your head level to look—and feel—assured and poised. Not only do besties provide impromptu dance parties, secret handshakes, and giggles galore, but they also improve both self-confidence and self-worth, according to the Mayo Clinic.

We searched high and low for the 19 best ways to power past insecurities and doubts, and we have to say: they're pretty darn awesome. Though generally a part of a cheerleader’s repertoire, throwing your hands up in the air is a pretty spectacular power pose. (Check out these 16 tips on how to make new friends and keep the old.) And the next time you need a boost, reach out to your inner circle for confirmation that you’re having a good hair day.

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