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Under the Internet Privacy Act, all of them can be construed as hacking.

Did you get an email from them using the “wrong” email account?

First of all, you can get a lot more information from simple body-language (don’t know what signs to look for?

And, if I abscond with any cell phone, that is theft and, if it is an expensive phone, probably a felony.

Does art play a role in creating communities (temporary or otherwise)?

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Does the public claim these works as another marker of “multicultural diversity”, or the “flavor of the street”, despite the artist’s intentions to intervene in other ways?

Examples include Henry Tsang’s Chinook-inspired “Welcome to the Land of the Light”; the inclusion of three dialects for hayčxʷə (thank you) in Halq’emeylem and Hun’qumi’num in “Systems of Sustenance” by Collective Echoes (beside Science World); Edgar Heap of Birds’ Native Hosts series on the UBC campus, Christos Dikeakos’ naming of False Creek as Skwachays, and Sheila Hall’s prominent use of the Halq’emeylem word lheqto:lestexw, in her work “To Connect”.

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