Crystalens accommodating iol patients conventional Seks chat met vrouwen

You simply look at something and the Crystalens will automatically focus your eye at near, arm’s length, or distance.The Crystalens mimics the natural focusing ability of your eye.Enjoying life to the fullest means being able to see your surroundings at all distances, and that requires constantly changing focus.

When you choose the Crystalens™ you will have a better range of vision without glasses because the lens can change focus naturally.

Also, 92% had distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better.

In these studies 93.8% of patients surveyed said they could perform most daily activities without glasses.

The Crystalens has the unique ability to focus on objects at varying distances using the eye’s natural focusing system.

This means that the Crystalens can provide a continuous range of vision, without corrective lenses, from near to far and everything in between.

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