Cybersex camera

At the end of the day, it’s up to us: how we actually react, how we teach our children and the values we instill." Estimates vary, but the National Psychologist reported that one in five adults is on-line, and more important, two out of three teens are on-line.

That computes to about 14 million Americans, many of whom are secretly struggling with their addiction while trying to live Christian lives.

Initial and early sexual experiences tend to channelize or direct the sex drive in the future.

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Our modern society has twisted that to the point where sex is the panacea for every ill mood, bad day, or feeling of boredom or loneliness.When radio made its debut, some heralded it the "devil’s box" because of its potential for corrupting people.When television made its debut, it was also called the "devil’s box." But radio, television, telephone, movies, recorded music, and the Internet are technological inventions and are morally neutral.It is estimated that pornography is a -billion-a-year business, with cybersex making up about one-third, or billion.And this figure is growing at an alarming 20 percent a year.

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