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A few tips for keeping your head in the game: Accept that “no”s are going to happen, and it’s not a reflection of your personal worth; you’re SHARING information about a product you love, not SELLING it; and if you’re feeling down, get up, walk around, clear your head, and smile – you sell WINE for a living!

I’m a pretty quiet and reserved person, but I’m quite a personality once I get comfortable around others.Many of the men you’ll meet on websites like Seeking Arrangement are looking for a young, attractive woman to have a relationship with and yes, many of them will want to have sex with you.Sex is […] Continue reading Age & location: 36, SF, CA, U. I live in a small city that I moved to for school when I was only seventeen.[…] Continue reading By Caitlin Setting sugar baby boundaries aren’t the sort of thing most new sugar babies are thinking about.

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