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SAN MARCOS, Texas — Archaeologists at Texas State University say there have been people living in Central Texas for tens of thousands of years.In fact, they believe they may have discovered the oldest civilization in North America, right here at home.But for the 79 AD eruption and one other, they dispersed in a southeasterly direction.Wind data collected over a period of 20 years established that from October to June, the prevailing wind conditions matched the northeasterly dispersal patterns of the tephra.

This research is about breaking time barriers, and the group is digging deeper to help find the start of civilization in America.

After all, the 24th August is the established eruption date… There is strong evidence to suggest that the catastrophe occurred not in the summer but in the autumn of 79AD.

So what is the evidence surrounding the eruption of Vesuvius?

“While we were digging, one of the first points we came across was this tiny spear that dates back to almost 20,000 years,” Velchoff said.

A set of sharp tools were found at the Gault archeological site about 40 miles north of Austin.

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