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14 NEW FEAT Department of Dragonfly-at your service- presents new gear and brakes, plus a sneak preview; by Don Downie. 16 LORAN ANTENNA GUIDE Treat it with a little consideration-metal or plastic, fore or aft-and your Loran should give you no static; by Arnav Systems. 62 THE SQUADRON If WW-1 aircraft, and chasing the Red Baron around the skies are your things, then consider these lightweight replicas; by Dave Martin. 68 WARBIRD DIRECTORY Replicas, scale-downs and plans fit for frustrated fighter pilots; by Robert 0. 71 BOOTLEG SPITFIRE Yearning for a Spitfire lookalike, this builder turned a Sonerai 11 into a passable Battle of Britain replica, including camouflage. Pietenpol's Air Camper is a people- pleaser that proves low-and-slow can be beautiful; by Owen B. 80 PANTHER PLUS Rotec's Panther Plus owes much of its design to ultralight technology; by Dave Martin.

4 INTERCOM Readers exchange information with editors in our monthly Q. 12 TWICE AROUND THE PATCH News and views on the wonderful world of aircraft homebuilders.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FEBUARY,1985 2 CHANGES IN THE WIND The lighter end of aircraft design and construction is undergoing many changes; by Dennis Shattuck.

4 INTERCOM Readers write in for answers to questions they have about kitplanes. Firebolt Convertible Joins Ranks of Aerobatic Biplanes, Oct., P.

28 SAILPLANE SENSIBILITY If you really want to build a sailplane, sign up for the next SSA homebuilders' workshop; by Dave Martin.

34 CONVERTIBLE MONERAI Monnett's popular sailplanes off with additional power pod; by Dave Martin.

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