Dating cliches long walks beach

That’s because you’ve seen them, or their variations, on numerous dating profiles.

I like candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach.

Me with my salon-fresh sandy blonde hair flowing in the breeze (courtesy of Tina; you're a miracle worker, honey! Crew sweater tied casually around my waist, lobbing a stray Frisbee back at some snot nosed little urchin. ((Ooh, I just used an “internet word” (((I’m doing the quotey thing with my fingers! As we saunter down the coast maybe there will be a little fanny patting (That is, if you get impatient!

You'll see me on the coast looking pensively out at the sea, reflecting back on all of the endearing little things I did that week. ) Not too gorilla-bulgy or ostentatious, just a healthy German schnauzer hugged snug in a spandex hammock. )))))) I know you may have had long walks on the beach before, but probably not with me. ) and a few coquettish glances at my stuff downstairs.

When someone’s taken the time out to make their page even just a little bit original, it’s like water in the desert – a reminder that not everyone out there’s saying the same four things about themselves and what they’re looking for.

But why are these clichés such a turn-off, and how can you avoid using them in your own dating profile?

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