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After six months, subject to eligibility and approval, you may request that a qualified Transferee assume all of your rights, interests and obligations under your current lease agreement, thereby releasing you of any remaining payments and lease end charges. parking ticket fees, etc.) must be paid so the account is current before a transfer of interest may take place.To be eligible to transfer your lease agreement, your lease account must be current. There may be a transfer fee due to Mercedes-Benz Financial, which may be paid by the Transferee, the Transferor or a combination of the two parties.We are equally as passionate about your boating experience and understand that there is nothing better than a day on the water with family and friends.Please come visit us to see what makes us different, what makes us better, and what makes your experience at Waterfront Marine special. For more details, call Mercedes-Benz Financial at 1-800-654-6222.Visit the Account Information section of the or call the 24-hour Automated Payoff Quote and Account Information Line at 1-800-654-6222.

Please review your lease agreement for additional details.Before you return your vehicle, take a few minutes to do your own Three-Point Inspection using the criteria in your lease-end guide (sent to you 90 days before your maturity date).You may also contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to schedule a pre-inspection to prepare for your lease-end inspection.Also, please provide the address where you would like the title sent.Most vehicle damage happens to the exterior or interior fabric and trim.

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