Dating housemate

I'm living with my parents until my boyfriend and I move into a one bedroom together.My boyfriend makes a decent bit of money but can still barely afford his crappy 00/mo apartment.Yeah 1200 for a crappy falling apart one bedroom is considered pretty high where I live. You can't expect to live in centre of Utrecht or Amsterdam for little money.You have to be making pretty decent money in order to manage it without room mates. But in general it is possible to find a decent place to live if you have a job. But an affordable and decent place can be found nearby. With my most recent ex he had 2 roommates who I never saw the entire 8 months we were dating.As long as the other people are respectful, I don't care. They live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and though both of the have well paying jobs, neither could afford the rent on his own.

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Cost of living where I'm from isn't that crazy, you could probably get a lower end one bedroom apt for 0/month.And since I'm a bit introverted myself I know that having other people close by will be healthy for me.I suggest saving up for a few months first, you'll have a big shift in income and it'll be good to pocket some for later on. It wouldn't worry me, unless the roommates had no privacy.It can be very difficult these days to afford to live on your own. In fact, my boyfriend and I are currently living with his parents.He's 38, I'm 24, and he's currently out of work due to unfortunate circumstances and I moved here from another country, so our options are limited.

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