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We'll even venture into the big city and beyond our Chicago borders for some rockin' experiences. SWANKS ROCK meets at least monthly and I am open to suggestions on what kind of experiences will fill you up!Is it a simple wine tasting, a yoga retreat or a salsa dancing night?(Scroll down to the bottom to see the results in a sortable table.The geeks out there can stick around for a light dose of sociology.) One of the great social narratives of the past half century is that Americans have been self-segregating into cultural and class enclaves, in part by marrying people more and more educationally like themselves.

Since most romance is local, I've spent the last few days sorting through Census data on the country's 100 or so largest metro areas to figure out where the disparities are worst -- or in other words, where a college-educated woman might have the hardest time finding a good date.

Even in and around Seattle, the most balanced city, there are more than eight graduated women for every seven graduated men.

102 metro areas I considered was 29.7 percent -- right between New York City and Chicago.

(Single Women and No Kids)BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER... Are you tired of people asking you why you never had children? All of you SWANKY ladies deserve to show your fabulous selves to the your flat screen, sofa, cat or canine every night.

:)Are you tired of staying at home trying to figure out how to meet other amazing like-minded ladies to hang out with?

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