Dating muireann

"He said, 'You know I love you' and I replied, 'Of course, we've been friends for a long time'," she said.

"I asked him if it was okay if I talked to him the following day because of the time and he said fine." He rang her two more times, but she had her phone on silent. If I had any inclination whatsoever I would have answered his phone calls, but there was nothing strange in his voice." The coroner returned a verdict of death by suicide.

As I got older, people would say, ‘Some day, when you’re a mother’.

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He completed two years of his degree and later dropped out in October to travel to Australia with Ms Mc Donnell.

Mr Conway rang Mr Knight at 3.12am to make sure his friend had returned home safely, and he had.

Mr Knight's next-door neighbour Terri Reynolds, of 43 Sandyford Downs, told the court that she took a call from Mr Knight on the morning of February 12 at 2.30am.

" The final text at 2.36am read: "I'm sorry for everyone." Concerned Ms Mc Donnell became concerned and sent a text message to her ex-boyfriend's mother, Roisin Vard, to say she "was worried about John" and to keep an eye on him.

The month after she split from Mr Knight, the Trinity College medical student began dating Mr Farrell.

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