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Although she's known to her friends as the Tinder Girl, the aspiring musician said she doesn’t take the app too seriously.When Fox packs her suitcase and gets out her passport, she’s just happy to meet new people and gain new experiences.She already knew most of the people using the app in Sackville.“When you’re seeing so many familiar faces, you just think all these people are seeing your familiar face,” the 22-year-old said. I feel desperate or embarrassed that I can’t just find someone in my day-to-day.” Even when the Saint John native travels to other cities in the province, she runs into the same faces on Tinder.When it comes to the apps on our phones, we tend to become loyal to a select few.You find something you like—maybe you’re a Facebook fan, or a loyal Instagrammer, or a member of the cool Snapchat club—and you stick to it. Ever wonder if you’ve met your soulmate, but didn’t know it?It requires a little more investment on your part, but you will learn more about your matches with this app than most others. It’s formatted like Tinder (but with more profile), it tells you if you’ve crossed paths like happn and you can use it for friends or dating like Bumble. If you want a quick way to find people who roll with the same crowd as you and don’t want to ask your friend about that cute coworker, Hinge could be the answer. The ironically named Pure is even more effective than Tinder for making casual, ahem, connections. Their 20-questions quiz goes beyond the basic info that a lot of other dating apps ask for.

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Here, the female always initiates, and instead of collecting matches, you’re forced to actually talk, with matches expiring after 24 hours (you can extend one promising connection per day).She deletes the app when she returns to New Brunswick.In Toronto last year, Fox wanted to tour Kensington Market and needed some help.After an hour, the invitation, all chats and photos are erased. An orange flame glowed from the i Phone in my outstretched hand as I recorded a news conference in Fredericton.

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