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Bearing the brunt of these comments makes me highly sensitive in the way I speak about other people’s appearance so I don’t understand why someone would say these things. Maybe the person is trying to put me down to make themselves feel better. Perhaps people are genuinely blind to the fact that these comments are insults.

Normal decency doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to skinny shaming, because even the people who witness it never speak out about it when it’s happening.

Some days I don’t feel good about myself and the last thing I want is to be attacked about my weight.

A lot of the time I wear clothes that are big on me, or I avoid wearing too much black because it is a slimming colour.

I feel I must take these measures to avoid the inevitable rude commentary. I’m happy about this, but people forget there is more than one type of physique.

Artists are writing body positivity songs but these generally promote one kind of frame.

I have never been big, I have always been “tiny” as people like to say. Some people seem to think that by being thin I can avoid all health issues, but that’s a lie.

Are we not allowed to embrace their bodies as well? I get told I would “look much better with some meat on my arse”.

Singer Jamelia has said that women under a size six shouldn’t be able to buy clothes on the high street. I’m sick of being a target and sick of not being allowed to find a comment like that offensive. Because I’m thin I’m told I already have a dream body.

I may be thin but just because I am does not mean I’m in good shape. Maybe I don’t feel completely comfortable in my body. People say I should be happy I am thin but it’s hard be happy when I am judged for my size.

People need to realise skinny shaming is just as offensive as fat shaming. It’s the reason why since I was 10 years old at my granny’s table I have had so many body issues. I wrote this to make people understand that skinny shaming is never acceptable. Having less fat on your body does not make you less of a person.

Just as having more fat on your body doesn’t diminish your humanity.

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