Dating site program

Many times, the programmer is someone with less experience who is willing to take a chance and doesn't have the knowledge to create a flexible and scalable architecture.Eventually, everyone gets fed up after it's clear that it will take hundreds of hours of programming work just to create a proof-of-concept, and people start dropping out.First of all let's discuss key features of a dating site: You should keep in mind below mention strategies while developing a dating site. Choose your target audience: You should choose your target audience wisely while developing a dating site.

I have prior success in online marketing and sales such that I'm able to live permanently in the Philippines and other countries from my online income alone.My personal advice, learn some basic programming skills to get an idea of the complexity of what you want to build.Have a clear, list of features that you think you need to bring a product to market.For-example: Trek Passions- It helps lonely Trekkie find love . Perfect your algorithm: Generally dating sites ask their users to fill out questionnaires about their hobbies, lifestyle, interest etc.You should think about what values will be most important to your target audience and users. Combination of both If you are planning to launch an online match making portal on a small scale then you should go with a subscription model as this will be more profitable to you. Wage a Strong Marketing campaign: You should invest in marketing and promotion of your app as it is equally important.

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