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So don’t say you’ll go somewhere unless you really mean it. Be patient Forming friendships always takes time, whether your new city is within your home country or abroad.But coupled with the language barrier and the different norms when it comes to friendships, it is easy to feel frustrated and hopeless. Friendships will start to form slowly - perhaps slower than you like - but they’ll be worth it because you put time and effort into them.Private tutors can be great, but having an additional interaction with others through a course who are in the same boat as you, so to speak, can also be a great way to make friends.I’ve personally had a mixed experience with classes, some being more social than others.It’s also totally fine to find a couple tandem partners - maybe even someone who’ll help you with a third language, if you’re daring.

It can lead to some pretty entertaining conversations about ridiculous kids’ shows, You Tube stars and wedding traditions. Find a tandem partner (or two) If your German class is full of tight-lipped, asocials, maybe it’s time to find a tandem partner.I have had a Meetup account for several years and it costs me about 0 CDN for a year’s subscription.My account lets me create three different accounts and create events for them. I don’t particularly like going to large networking events so I created my own. The Event Creation tool is fairly straight forward and when setting up your account it gives you space to create another version of your website.There are also websites like Tandem that allow you to set up a profile, describe what you’re looking for, and find someone who matches you - kind of like online dating. Bond with your roommates - but don’t depend on them Having social roommates who already know the city and culture can be a great gateway to meeting even more people.But don’t go into a new WG (Wohngemeinschaft, or flatshare with roommates) expecting to become besties - Germans don’t always work that way.

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