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This bestseller comes recommended by many mindfulness experts, not the least of which is Jon Kabat-Zinn, who this article will discuss in more depth later.

Scott & Davenport’s bestseller is a book focused on a few of the benefits of mindfulness, such as improved relationships and reduced anxiety and mental clutter.

She accomplishes this by introducing several different mindfulness practices beginners can make use of immediately, no matter how new they are to mindfulness.

Some of these mindfulness exercises are so short they can fit into any schedule.

It spends a bit more time selling the reader on mindfulness if they are not quite convinced yet, then goes on to suggest ways you can start your own mindfulness practice, from mindfulness meditation sessions to mindful breathing exercises.

Chavan’s book is aimed at people who want to dive headfirst into mindfulness and completely change their lives.

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Patel’s bestseller is the most interactive book on this list, as it is partly a journal for the reader to keep.This book is a good option for someone who does not necessarily need to be sold on mindfulness and is just looking for a quick way to get started.Chavan’s introduction to mindfulness is not the shortest book on this list yet still a breezy read.Tips for The 21st Century Human by Martin Lippmann: Lippmann’s book is one of the shortest books on this list, so it might be a good option for people itching to get into mindfulness.The book focuses on teaching you everything you need to know to start a mindfulness meditation practice, as well as tips on how to make your meditation sessions the most effective they can be.

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